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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Mousies at our House

My big boy was looking over my shoulder yesterday as I drank my coffee and gazed at the computer. He spotted the adorable mice over at Pink Chalk Studio and an expression of wonderment filled his face.

"Can we make one of those for me and one for my brother?"

Well, in this house, you don't have to ask twice to make irresistible projects with the sewing machine. I had laundry to fold (A LOT of laundry), dishes to put away and litter boxes to clean, but I went immediately instead and pulled out the sewing machine.

There may be a day not too far in the future when they would both rather ride their bikes or play hockey than sit with mom and sew diminutive mousies.

The mousies were created using the original pattern and tutorial by Lynn over at Molly Chicken. I had admired them there before, but the Pink Chalk Studio version really put us over the edge.
The tiny pillow pictured above was the big boy's idea and was sewn entirely by him.

As I write this, both kids are playing elaborate, make-believe games with their mousies. These are definately on the list of great gifts for other kiddos too.

I've been in a toy-making mood ever since I came across this wonderful knitted toys blog.
Some toys I love:

The Sleepy Snake and Mischevious Mouse over at Mochimochi Land. Another great toy that inspires imaginative play. It's also an adorable little introduction to the harsh realities of wild animal behavior. It's like a soft, cuddly version of a Nature Channel special.

I've also been drawn to sweet, traditional toys. I recently bought The Knitted Teddy Bear and I would love to find time to knit my little boy an alpaca or cashmere bear for christmastime.

The list grows...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Knee Highs for a Baby

Pattern: Adapted from Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks
designed by Ann Budd
Source: Interweave Knits, Summer 2005
Yarn: main color-Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, color: envy;
Heels, toes and ruffles: sKNITches Syncopation Sock Yarn, color: red baron
Needles: US size 0 dp

These were knit for baby Hannah Simone. I am sending them off tomorrow and I'm hoping that her mommy is too busy with new parenting business to bother with my blog before she actually gets them.

Baby Hannah's mommy is an old friend from my college days. She is terrific and, incidentally, VERY long-legged. I thought of my friend's fantastically long legs (seriously, they are at least as long as my husband's - and he is 6'2") as I knit and knit these little socks and I hoped that they might actually fit as knee highs and not anklets. I also hope that they'll be big enough to last her through the chilly Seattle fall and winter.

My socks are obviously longer than those in the Ann Budd pattern. Also, I used a simple 4/1 rib instead of the stitch patterns suggested, to better appreciate the lovely Lorna's Laces yarn.

The yarn used for the heels, toes and ruffle was part of a prize that I was thrilled to win last winter on the blog of the ever-generous Mona. Thanks Mona! I bet you never expected me to actually use the sock yarn for socks!

I don't get to talk with Hannah and her lovely family often but my heart is full as they welcome her into the world. Welcome, sweet dumpling!


Monday, August 13, 2007
cutting the grass with scissors

This evening I watched my 5-year old son carefully cut the grass in our backyard with scissors, then gather it up and lay it, in little piles, on the sprawled cat. This is one of those moments recently when I wished that I had been ready with the camera.

This past weekend we went to Taos. Just the four of us, on a perfect family getaway. We stayed in a little casita with clean white linens, luminous plaster walls and a patio complete with kiva fireplace. We drank Spanish wine and gazed at millions of stars in the clear Taos sky. The best part: we saw no less than 6 shooting stars as we lay there in our loungers.

Vacation moments that filled me with regret over not having my camera:

I also bought several yards of fabric to use on kitchen projects and christmas gifts at A Common Thread, a stunning fabric store. I was inspired by Molly's Handmade Napkins on the purl bee, and I plan to make some of my own with these delicious fabrics. I'm mostly doing the project because I can't wait to get my hands on the bias tape maker! Have you ever heard of anything more wonderful?

My absence lately is turning this into the longest post ever. If you're still reading, here is your reward:

stay tuned for itty bitty sock news...coming soon.

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