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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lately I've been thinking a lot about food. This came about just following the generally disgusting feeling I had over the holidays as I consumed everything in sight without regard for reasonable portions or the long-term health of my body. Like millions of others (and just like a sheep), I headed out to the bookstore on New Years Day to explore books about diet and to search for an optimistic new beginning.

I have a good friend who is braving a 6-week vegan detox diet. I admire her sense of adventure, and I love it that, when we come over, she still makes my husband ice cream sundaes dripping with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. What a generous hostess she is!

I considered the diet my friend has embarked upon, but decided instead to modify my diet by replacing 50% or more of my meat and dairy calories with vegetable calories. Mark Bittman wrote about his own modified approach to healthy eating here, and I was inspired. He also wrote a book recently, that I'm tempted to buy.

I'm exploring yummy vegetarian Indian recipes, like Aloo Gobi and rice and split pea pancakes.
If you have inspiring recipes to share, please do!

The boys have been cooking too. On the menu: Marshmallow with sea salt and honey, on a bed of green play dough and Grapefruit Honey Soup (see recipe below).

Thursday, January 22, 2009
A Dream for the Cat People

Yesterday, in my son's first grade classroom, the kids had a Freedom Tea. They sat and sipped tea out of styrofoam cups while they listened to Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech. After the speech, they were all invited to the front of the room to share their own I Have a Dream speech. My favorite moment, naturally, was when my own sweet boy stood and told everyone that he dreamed of a world where we could all be friends and everyone would be kind to animals (this part was somewhat odd, since he usually seems indifferent toward our animals, and has otherwise been known to chase them while hollering loudly - just to see them terrified), but whatever. Aside from that touching moment, I loved the little boy who said that his dream was that the dogs would not bark quite so loudly anymore.

Hallelujah, brother!!

I will be celebrating new baby Pearl this week, by presenting her with a Pixie Hat. I love the pixie hat and I will knit others, but for now it's Pearl's Pixie (isn't that sweet?!). Pictures are imminent.

Thanks again to all you lovely babes for tuning in and sending encouragement. It feels good.
Sunday, January 18, 2009
New Year. New Part of Brain Engaged.

Thanks to all of you for the nice hellos. It surprised me that you were still watching.

My return to the scene was inspired by a great night of talk with a friend who makes me think. I've been exploring lately how refreshing it is to use my brain to really think about things (as opposed using it solely to think up good uses for frozen chicken or for strategizing ways to clean up the cat barf).

I don't mean to whine about the drudgery. I also spend a good deal of my time doing things I love, like having ridiculous conversations with my children, and knitting whenever I'm sitting down.

What I lack right now is balance. I need to read a book. One that makes me think. I need to engage in grown-up conversation. Grown-up conversation that is not all about my children. I need to look outside my little world more.

So, with this new year and this renewed interest in Baby Finds a Kazoo, I hope to step a little outside the crafty world occasionally and try to remember how interesting life can be.

In that spirit, I'm reminded of a movie I saw with the same above-mentioned friend. Before our evening of engaging conversation (and Marble beer drinking), we saw Milk. We talked about what an amazing thing it must have been to live in San Francisco in the early 1970's. It's interesting to note that I actually did live in San Francisco in the early 1970's, but I was a very small toddler, not a gay-rights activist. My parents were young at the time and, somewhat given to peace marches, but I don't know what their take was on the difficulties faced by their neighbors in the Castro. It must have been a crazy time to live in San Francisco. I think I'll ask them to walk down memory lane.

On a where did all the time go note, I was amazed when the movie recalled events that occurred in the later 70's, and I began to have actual flashbacks from my childhood of watching news stories about gay-rights issues and I suddenly remembered my dad and uncles standing around and discussing it. When did I get old enough to remember the history of 30+ years ago?


Saturday, January 17, 2009
Hello out there!

After a long hiatus, I feel an urge to connect with my blog. It has been too long. I wonder if any of my old friends are still watching...

During this long time away from Baby Finds a Kazoo, I've been knitting plenty and mommying a whole lot and trying to find balance in my everyday. Tonight I had a long, satisfying heart-to-heart with a good friend with whom I share a special connection and understanding. My time reflecting with her, on life and all it's good and dark parts, inspired me to come here and post a hello.
Here is a picture to share a tiny fraction of my view over these past months.

send a hello if you can! Happy new year to all.
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