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Friday, September 29, 2006
5-4-3-2...etsy! Remember my Headband?

To read about my 5-4-3-2...etsy! purchase for the month of September, check out my post from earlier this month. My headband is awfully purty and gets me compliments everytime I wear it.

Next month I will be treating myself to a special $5 birthday goodie.
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Check this out! It's the ShibuiKnits Kago pattern from Knit/Purl in Portland, OR. I'm all aflutter with the romance of brisk fall weather and more than anything I want a really comfortable, cozy, but also really not frumpy new sweater.

I wish I could knit this in one short evening. The reality is that making it would set all my many works-in-progress even further behind. Sigh.

As I was daydreaming about a perfect fall sweater (wouldn't it be divine if it was cashmere or Alpaca?)I had a glimmer of hope while looking at Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac. The December project is a Hurry-up Last Minute Sweater in very chunky weight wool. Maybe there will be time for something simple. Like a top-down with a deep v-neck out of thick Alpaca from Elann...

Any pattern inspirations from my knitting friends?

I finished my sweet little EZ potholder a couple of days ago and it has already been involved in the baking of 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and a stirfry dinner. See it posing here with my high-priced hand model.

My Zimmermania fervor has been temporarily slowed while I figure out a way to get my hands on the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. The library has me on a list, but I may just buy myself Knitter's Workshop as an early birthday present.

And lastly, the other day I walked into the kitchen and discovered this:

The baby climbs inside the box of beer to begin his birthday celebration a few days early.
Sunday, September 24, 2006
Small Sweet Things

I was committed to beginning on the 23rd with everyone else. I wanted to feel a part of the collective Zimmermania energy. So after a very long day doing far too much, the kids were in bed and I happily cast on at 10pm.

I decided to start small. I have wanted to try Double Knitting for some time, and I loved EZ's suggestion (in Knitter's Almanac) that one make a Double Knitted potholder/hot pad as a swatch for the Double Knitted Baby Blanket. I don't intend to actually make the Double Knitted Baby Blanket (not now, anyway), but I wanted to start this Zimmermania with a little instant gratification.

For those who have not experienced Double Knitting, allow me to include an explanation from Elizabeth Zimmermann herself:

"It is the procedure of working back-and-forth on two needles in such a manner as to produce a circular piece of fabric. On the first row you alternately knit and slip the stitches; on the next row you knit the stiches you slipped, and slip those you knitted. Thus each stitch is handled twice, once to be slipped and once to be knitted..."

I'm knitting my potholder with doubled Manos. Almost complete. Luxuriously thick and handsome on both sides.

As soon as this is complete (sometime today), I will ignore the unfolded laundry on my bed and begin my real Zimmermania endeavor: the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Will all my pregnant friends and relations please look away now.

Chocolate-colored Classic Elite Waterspun with stripes of pale blue Arucania Nature Wool.

delicious. no?

I've been in a small, sweet things kind of mood lately. I'm enormously gratified by tiny completions. Perhaps because I can only devote an hour or two each day to knitting. Another happy little thingy:

My Ballband Dishcloth (a la Mason Dixon Knitting) It's posing with the espresso machine - a place it will not actually be spending even another moment, as that would result in ugly coffee stains.
Friday, September 22, 2006
My Zimmermania Post

I too have enjoyed reading Knitting Around and Knitter's Almanac for years without ever having knit an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. This is a lovely opportunity to dive in.

The trouble is deciding what to make! I've been wanting to knit myself some thick, double-knitted mittens for some time, maybe they could be the gorgeous Norwegian Mittens in Knitting Around. I also have many babies to knit for right now, so I'm tempted to knit the Baby Bog Jacket or the Practically Seamless Baby Sweater.

But how about those Wearable Art Stockings as knee-highs in the winter with a shortish skirt?! (hubba. hubba.)

Cheap. Dark Eggplant.

I'm tempted to knit some bunny-soft baby knits (or the mittens) with this yarn from Elann. What a deal!

I'll be heading up to Taos for the Wool Festival in early October where I'm sure I'll find many delicious yarns worthy of my EZ endeavors.

I'm looking so forward to following all the projects. It's such a pleasure to join you all.

I have almost definately settled on the Baby Surprise Jacket. I have heard about the wonders of that pattern for many years but I was most recently swayed by a version of the jacket knit by Panopticon. Thank you Ramona for the suggestion! I had forgotten how nifty that little jacket is and I was all smitten with Franklin of Panopticon after reading a few of his posts. If you've never visited him, go now.

I like the shape of the Surprise Jacket better than the Bog Jacket. Since it's a jacket I don't feel like I have to use ultra-soft alpaca. Instead I think I might knit it with Merino from Beaverslide Dry Goods. It's mucho affordable and from a small Montana Farm (I love that). I first learned about Beaverslide on Knitters Review and then I knit myself a ($28) sweater. That was several years ago.

Do you like the color? I'll be knitting this for a baby whose gender is as yet undetermined so I should probably step away from the pinks...(whining) but i like pink!

I'm still thinking about those Norwegian Mittens, but I must knit for other people, must knit for other people, must knit for other people.
Thursday, September 21, 2006
The Boy is nearly ONE!

Almost one year has past since my precious second baby was born.
In honor of the occasion, his big brother drew him a picture and then we made this:

The big kiddo is very satisfied with his Lion drawing. I have NEVER seen a drawing I've liked more. We both want to look at it as often as possible. So, for a birthday gift to his brother he will transfer the very image you see here to a t-shirt from basic brilliance. I think we'll also iron the lion image to this hoodie for the big boy.

We will have grandparents, personalized cupcakes, flowers and margaritas for the grown-ups.

This milestone has me knitting furiously so I can have both boys beaming in their matching Luggy Bonnets for the occasion. Of course, it will hardly be cold enough on October 1 for wool hats with earflaps. Nevermind that.

I won't go on and on about the birthday boy and how cute. cute. cute. he is.
But take a look at this:

In other news, I am very excited to say that I have joined Zimmermania.

There isn't space here to list all the things I love about Elizabeth Zimmerman. This exciting KAL led me to my favorite chair today, where I blissfully reread much of Knitter's Almanac. She is so gifted at expressing all the things I love about knitting. I want to find myself in her schoolhouse in the woods, sitting bedside her and a cozy fire, knitting something complicated (with complete ease) while she tells me stories that make me laugh.

As with most of my really good knitting stuff, my Elizabeth Zimmerman books came from Granny. I've enjoyed reading them for years, but I've never knit a pattern from them. The Zimmermania site is such a source of inspiration. I was particularly smitten with the Fishtrap Swatchcap knit by Fig and Plum.

I only have one more day to make a final decision about what I'll knit. I want to cast on with everyone else on Saturday the 23rd.

Sleep beckons.
Sunday, September 17, 2006
Yard Sale Goodness and 5-4-3-2...etsy!

I was driving to my mom's the other day and I happened upon a moving sale. I love taking advantage of people who are just desperate to move across the country TOMORROW and are willing to sell sweet stuff for nothin'. When I first spotted the yellow chair from more than a block away, I never imagined it would be cheap enough for my little, tiny budget: It was so pretty. It called out to me and said, "You would be so happy with me, knitting, nursing the baby, drinking espresso in the mornings. I belong with you, Molly. Cram me in the car and let's go home."
I thought, "Oh, I could never afford that perfect, lovely chair. It will never be mine. It's really too bad, because I like it so very much. Well, I stopped anyway and....

Looky, looky, looky!

This chair makes me happy every time I walk by it.

Ignoring the tired, whining children in the backseat, I pulled over and joyously spent only twelve dollars for this fabulous chair. Twelve freakin' bucks!!!
Although it's pretty as-is, I can never leave well enough alone. So I plan to reupholster it with one of these divine choices:

All are Amy Butler fabrics and all are beautiful. Which one should I choose? (Tell me which one, Christine.) I have always wanted to reupholster a piece of furniture. The extent of my experience in the past is a snug-fitting slipcover for an ottoman. I will check out a book from the library on the subject and I'll also consult with Martha. Naturally.

I also got a four-dollar art easel for my kiddos. It's prison-issue, stainless steel tubing, and when not being used it will fold up neatly to fit on the side of the house with our shovels, tricycles and black widow spiders.

In Etsy news, I was excited to receive my recently purchased Etsy item for the 5-4-3-2...etsy! challenge. My lovely headband was only five bucks, and it makes me feel very pretty.

It was made by Renee of Nestlings. I must say that I was amazed that it was only five bucks. She could (and should) certainly charge more for such a charming little item. Of course, if she had charged the $15 I think she could get for it, It would no longer meet the criteria of 5-4-3-2...etsy!, and I wouldn't be talking about it right now.

I've just about finished Luggy Bonnet number two. This one is for my little sweetie hedgehog for his first birthday. It only needs the tassels and it looks crazy adorable on him. I'll post a picture just as soon as I finish his big brother's matching hat so they can be featured as a set.

Here, though, is a picture of the pile of yarn from which I knit the bonnet on our unmade bed while the kiddos watched Maisy.

I was thrilled to get news from Morgen that she has joined the blogging world. It is lovely to chat with you, miss Morgen. I love the way you embrace the classics over the trendy. I can't wait to read your new blog.

Until next time - farewell.
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Leaves are Falling

My local Stitch & Bitch was such a lovely good time last night. There was lots of laughter and funny ladies and I learned still more about the blogging adventure from fellow stitch & bitchers/bloggers Jody and Cari. I got home at 11PM and I felt very naughty indeed.

There was a time in my past when sitting in a well-lit dessert house, drinking nothing stronger than Earl Grey tea, knitting little striped earflaps would not constitute a night of wild revelry. Things have changed.

Is Autumn upon us? I keep hoping so. Autumn is my favorite season and I'm sitting here, a little overheated in my favorite brown cashmere sweater. I have a habit of wearing clothes that are not season appropriate in an attempt to will the weather to change.

Part of what I love about this season is that my birthday falls in October. My birthday always puts me in a shopping mood and in that spirit I have pledged to 5,4,3,2...Etsy. 3 months of buying teeny, handcrafted treasures on Etsy for $5 or less. Such a fun challenge. Such a sweet way for mommy to find an occasional teeny, tiny treasure just for her. Happy Birthday to me.

In knitting news: I've begun another Luggy Bonnet for the baby. This time it will fit and will feature red stars. It's going quickly and should be finished for his BIG 1st birthday.

I also have plans to make some very special cupcakes for the occasion. Picured above are some real beauties posted (and crafted?) by What the Harry.

The first Luggy Bonnet went to a gorgeous little baby Colin (two months old, sweet enough to eat). His mommy - a fellow knitter and all-around fabulous babe, was delighted and so gracious (as always!)

Cool find of the day: this visual thesaurus.

Also, I LOVED this post i found on Old School Acres.
Nobody tagged me to participate in this book meme diversion, I just happened upon it and thanks to my very literate husband, my results were too fabulous not to share.

Here are the rules:
1. Grab the book closest to you...NO cheating!
2. Open to page 123.
3. Scroll down to 5th sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on blog-and name of book and author Tag 3 people.

Here is what I found:

You must not deny the body.

Now you shall see the Temple completed:
After much striving, after many obstacles;
For the work of creation is never without trevail;
The formed stone, the visible crucifix,
The Dressed altar, the lifting light


The visible reminder of Invisible Light.

From Selected Poems by T.S. Eliot.

I won't tag anyone, but I would like to hear about it if anyone feels moved to read page 123 of their nearest book.
Saturday, September 09, 2006
Sunsets and the Mysteries of the Internet

Last weekend we went to Santa Fe and enjoyed some of the Fiestas. Things were festive, the weather was perfect and the unbelievable rain we've had this summer has resulted in bunches of stunning yellow wildflowers on roadsides everywhere.

We had coffee one morning and this picture gives the impression that I was relaxed and reading something wonderful, like the New York Times or my new Mason Dixon Knitting book (thank you very much to my sweetie for such an excellent 5th anniversary gift). In fact, no.

What I was really doing was jumping out of my seat every 10 seconds to prevent mister squeaky shoes from yanking my hot, delicious espresso off the flimsy little table and onto his tender skin.

I don't mean to complain. It was still lovely and I spent some time working on dad's overdue (and exceedingly handsome) scarf.

I'm knitting it with Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in the quilted lattice pattern. I lifted the idea for a scarf in this pattern directly from the wonderful Naive Knitter (where did she go?). It's soothing to knit and I love the yarn, but I constantly find myself distracted by the allure of other projects. I'm making bright little dishcloths to help get me through.

I was dumbstruck (stop laughing Josh) by the stunning sunset while we were in Santa Fe and I had to take a picture even though I knew I would never be able to capture its astonishing beauty.

I'm glad we live here. It's home. Even though I occasionally miss this.
It's impossible to reconcile the love of two such different places.

On another note, I want to reach out to my new super-cool, internet-savvy friends to say that this experience is making me realize how very naive I am about the many wonders of the world wide web. Where was I, you ask, while all this amazing web development was happening? I was (knitting) in Seattle (the center of the computer development universe) and somehow I still missed it. I feel like an old fogey.

Somebody out there must help me unravel the mysteries of swapping goodies with lovely people in other cities. I am so charmed by the idea of a swap and I keep wandering aimlessly through blog after blog with no idea how find an active swap. help. How much do I love the What's Cookin Apron Swap? (check out these beauties) I will definately be taking part in next one at the end of this month. I want to find other sweet swaps too. Your tips would be so warmly appreciated.

Also, I have so been touched by my visitors and their comments. Thank you for making this adventure so rewarding!
Saturday, September 02, 2006
Luggy Bonnets and Asian Stationery

Lately, I've been fantasizing about baby knits. I'm craving something fast and colorful and I haven't been satisfied by the dragging ON-AND-ON of my Tulip sweater (which I've decided may be a gift for my mom - after I add sleeves). My gaze keeps wandering to the pile of DK yarns I have set aside to knit this:

Almost Famous Luggy Bonnets from Weekend Knitting

My wonderful mother-in-law is the most prolific knitter I know - she just churns out beautiful project after beautiful project and she knows how to make sense of any knitting mess I can make. She's the person who taught me how to pick up all kinds of crazy dropped stitches. She's also super-generous (with an astonishing stash) and gave me a pile of yarns I could use for the adorable Luggy Bonnets. Neither of us can wait to see her adorable grandchildren wearing matching star-studded hats.

A word about nomanclature: for the purpose of selling the hats to the 4-year-old, I never refer to these beauties as Luggy Bonnets, instead I'm calling them MATCHING SNOWBORDING HATS! and I'm planning to add long sherpa-hat style I-cords with tassels to each earflap. Also, maybe I'll put a pompon on another I-cord at the top. Is that a bit too much?

This is just SO MUCH FUN. I can't remember a more fun project. I love all the colors and all the constant changes. Also it's so small. I had the hat you see here in mind for the littlest of the kiddos. And after three short days, I'm almost done...

As it turned out, It's too big for the little kid and too small for the big kid. A bit of a let down after my 3 days of happy Luggy creation. As you can see, It almost fits the big boy and with a bit of blocking might fit him well, but it lacks the promised purple stars that he requires of his bonnet. I still need to crochet around edges and add tassels and then I think it will become a gift to someone deserving and wonderful who will appreciate it (green stars and all).

It was so quick and lovely to make that I'll enjoy whippin' out two more for my little snowboarders. This time I'll use yarns that are closer in gauge so my stars won't be so puckery.

In other things-I've-made news, the big kiddo and I went for a mommy-date to the pottery painting place and I painted a pretty flower on a little dish for my oldest friend who is visiting this week from Savannah.

This picture was snapped just before the baby tried with all his might to fling the pretty dish to the floor.

The painting was loads of fun and I loved digging into my stash of pretty asian stationery to find the sweet paper you see here. It was found at Kinokuniya Bookstore on our recent trip to Seattle. Everyone should go there and buy beautiful stationery and pens, followed by a gigantic bubble tea at Uwajimaya.
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