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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Small Things

Pattern: Mittens on Strings
Source: Simple Knits for Little Cherubs by Erika Knight
size:age 2-3

Yarn: Holly Spring Homespun, Merino Twist Hand-dyed, color- seaworld
Edging and string: Zara from Filatura Di Crosa, color - 1466 red
Needles: US size 6

It's still way too hot here in New Mexico and I'm so anxious for fall to begin. I made these mittens for my little boy and it was such pure satisfaction. I've knit many pairs of mittens in the past, but never like this. The pattern was quite unconventional and I kept thinking that I'd gone terribly wrong. Then the mittens suddenly appeared before my eyes. So much fun.

They were knit straight, but the seam is cleverly placed so it's inconspicuous.

The yarn was a gift from Emmy, my KMKS partner last year and I adored it from the moment I first saw it. It's plumpy and luxurious and the colors are delicious. There's enough yarn left to make myself a matching pair with little button-down flaps. Maybe next year.

I'm still working on the red string. It will be a thick double knitted tube that will never let those mittens go.

Headwrap for Paloma

Pattern: Adapted from the Dream Swatch Head Wrap By Wendy Bernard
dimensions: 44" x 1.75"
yarn: Regia Stretch Sock Yarn color- 82

My 12 year old cousin stayed with me recently and while she was over she saw me knitting a headband much like the one you see here for my son's best friend's birthday. She was dazzled by it so I started one for her during her visit. It's much narrower than the original version, but still long so that it can be worn with the ends peeking out from under her hair. She is a very fashionable child and I can't wait to see it on her.

A little preview of one more almost-finished small thing:

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Sunday, September 16, 2007
Oh Pretty Cardigan, How I Covet Thee.

I Love it.
Love everything about it. Except maybe the yarn, which isn't really my color. Otherwise, classic loveliness personified. Simple and flattering. The perfect pattern to show off some really special yarn.

The perfect pattern to have in mind as I wander blissfully around the Taos Wool festival.
The sweater was designed by the fabulous Amy Swenson. Find it here.

Meanwhile, I'm planning two sweaters for the boys using the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan Sweater Pattern. The sweaters will be top-down with hoods, kangaroo pockets and vertical racing stripes on the sleeves. Each will be a combination of 4 bright colors. I just spent exactly $31.56 on yarn for BOTH sweaters at Knitpicks.

Knitting is really for EVERYONE over at knitpicks. You gotta love those prices.

Also, thanks to a recommendation from Kelena, I've been completely seduced by the Knitpicks podcasts lately. After listening breathlessly to the first one, I began to mentally rearrange my livingroom to make space for a spinning wheel.

I don't know the first thing about spinning, but I feel sure it will change my life for the better someday. sigh.

I have recently completed a few small things: A pretty headband for a 12-year old.
A pair of adorable mittens with a string for my little kiddo. A knitted bracelet with a flower for a teenage cousin.

I will take pictures someday soon and post. These days life offers little time.

For now I'm focused on beginning the boys' sweaters so that I have ample mindless knitting on the drive up to Taos. It's essential to be productive during this (unprecedented) kiddo-free weekend. All of my creative energy must be available for the yarn shopping.

Good lord I'm excited.


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