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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Yard Sale Goodness and 5-4-3-2...etsy!

I was driving to my mom's the other day and I happened upon a moving sale. I love taking advantage of people who are just desperate to move across the country TOMORROW and are willing to sell sweet stuff for nothin'. When I first spotted the yellow chair from more than a block away, I never imagined it would be cheap enough for my little, tiny budget: It was so pretty. It called out to me and said, "You would be so happy with me, knitting, nursing the baby, drinking espresso in the mornings. I belong with you, Molly. Cram me in the car and let's go home."
I thought, "Oh, I could never afford that perfect, lovely chair. It will never be mine. It's really too bad, because I like it so very much. Well, I stopped anyway and....

Looky, looky, looky!

This chair makes me happy every time I walk by it.

Ignoring the tired, whining children in the backseat, I pulled over and joyously spent only twelve dollars for this fabulous chair. Twelve freakin' bucks!!!
Although it's pretty as-is, I can never leave well enough alone. So I plan to reupholster it with one of these divine choices:

All are Amy Butler fabrics and all are beautiful. Which one should I choose? (Tell me which one, Christine.) I have always wanted to reupholster a piece of furniture. The extent of my experience in the past is a snug-fitting slipcover for an ottoman. I will check out a book from the library on the subject and I'll also consult with Martha. Naturally.

I also got a four-dollar art easel for my kiddos. It's prison-issue, stainless steel tubing, and when not being used it will fold up neatly to fit on the side of the house with our shovels, tricycles and black widow spiders.

In Etsy news, I was excited to receive my recently purchased Etsy item for the 5-4-3-2...etsy! challenge. My lovely headband was only five bucks, and it makes me feel very pretty.

It was made by Renee of Nestlings. I must say that I was amazed that it was only five bucks. She could (and should) certainly charge more for such a charming little item. Of course, if she had charged the $15 I think she could get for it, It would no longer meet the criteria of 5-4-3-2...etsy!, and I wouldn't be talking about it right now.

I've just about finished Luggy Bonnet number two. This one is for my little sweetie hedgehog for his first birthday. It only needs the tassels and it looks crazy adorable on him. I'll post a picture just as soon as I finish his big brother's matching hat so they can be featured as a set.

Here, though, is a picture of the pile of yarn from which I knit the bonnet on our unmade bed while the kiddos watched Maisy.

I was thrilled to get news from Morgen that she has joined the blogging world. It is lovely to chat with you, miss Morgen. I love the way you embrace the classics over the trendy. I can't wait to read your new blog.

Until next time - farewell.
I looooove the green fabric! I'll look forward to seeing your results.
Great find! I'm with Carole-the green one. I'm so glad Morgan started a blog.
P.S. I just ripped the neckline out of Tulip. I'm making her into a proper vest!
another vote for the green fabric.

That chair is fabu...I was one of those desperate to empty the house people back in May...I hope some people were as happy with what they got from me!
My vote is for number three--the one on the far right with piping around the edges in that coral/pink color. I can show you how to do it if you haven't before; it's a lot easier than it looks.

P.S. to you and anyone else I know who's reading... I have only been in this for a day and I already changed my mind and moved the blog (and my one and only post thus far) to a different host. More control--always the imperative! Find me here.
See you Tuesday!
I love that chair!! I love garage sale finds - aren't they the greatest! I found a gorgeous chair that I plan to redo - someday....

I just have to find a way to make time for it!

Great chair, I like all the colors. I really like your headband.
I am truly stumped. I thought I liked the blue fabric then I realized maybe it was too conservative. I'm weary of the blue and orange because one might be distracted by the pattern and not see the lovely shape of the chair. That leaves the green which I think will be subdued but elegant. It also has the same color value the chair is right now--a nod to its past. Also, the less linear pattern will be more forgiving as you reupolster it. Ta Ta.
I vote for the green too. That chair is fabulous!
I just tried to post a comment and I think the computer ate it - 'burp'. I love the blog. I love th photos. My vote is for the green leafy fabric, I think it will be grand with your couch! Can't wait to hear all about it.
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