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Thursday, October 19, 2006

This morning the cold arrived. As I drank my coffee, I took a look at my list of things to make:

Someday I'll create a spiffy on-the-needles list on this very blog. Until then I sheepishly offer this to give you an idea of my current state-of-mind. Obviously, this is only a partial list. Many boxes remain unchecked. Many more items are scribbled on the following page.

Dad's scarf was my obsession last week. I carried it with me in the car many days and when the kiddos fell asleep, I pulled the car over and knit under a tree. I was so focused on finishing skein #2 that it never occured to me that when I finally did, the scarf might be too short. It was. This picture should have been my first clue. I had my husband try it on and it actually looked good on him as a shortish, handsome little scarf. But dad needs more than a fashionable accessory. The scarf must be long enough to be warm and more traditional than funky.

Naturally, Dad's scarf yarn was the only color out-of-stock at my LYS. So I wait until I can get more of Chocolate (shade 018), and I am secretly thrilled to have an excuse to begin my beautiful blue sweater without guilt.

Have faith and bundle up, dad. It is coming.

I have spent many hours considering how to do justice to my gorgeous blue yarn. Every knitting friend I have has been cornered and forced to consider and thoughtfully discuss the merits of each idea I have. My husband has begun to look panicked every time I walk into the room with a wild-eyed expression carrying another knitting book. "I just want to talk about the sweater one more time."

Yesterday, I had finally settled on the Hourglass sweater, but it still didn't feel quite right.

Then a trip to SnB last night inspired me. I sat near my dear friend Heather. Poor soul. She was just looking for a little time to knit Mr. Bunny and enjoy idle chat with other knitters. Instead, she allowed me to monopolize all her attention as I agonized over the best way to use my precious yarn. Thank you Heather for your sincerely interested expressions. You are very kind.

I realized that what naturally needs to be created is an entirely original Frankenstein sweater. I will steal components of several sweater patterns and create the perfect, ultra-cozy, but still-curvy-enough sweater.

My Frankenstein beauty will never again be referred to by that name. I'll call her Malabrigo Mama. This name partly honors my diffcult-to-feature-in-a-flattering-light midsection which has been earned, after all, by way of becoming a mama.
It will also feature:

1. a v-neck
2. sleeves and raglan shaping from the Hourglass Sweater
3. a section knitted sideways, as inspired by the ultra-funky cover sweater in Yarnplay, the lovely new book by Lisa Shobhana Mason.
4. silk velvet ribbon edging neckline and cuffs (or maybe not).

It's begun and is moving along so quickly. This is the best of knitting. Soft and luscious and very pretty.

And lastly, another pretty picture:

Some of my fellow New Mexican blogging friends live near the foothills of Sandia Mountain and regularly feature breathtaking photos from their view in the heights.

I feel compelled to share this very different view of the Rio Grande valley, near where I happily live. We walk along this bosque nearly every week with the kiddos. I cannot take credit for this beautiful photo. It was taken by Marble Street Studio.
Ooooooh! Such a pretty shot.
I like the idea of a "stone soup" sweater. Throw a little bit of everything into the pot and in the end you get a great sweater!
Molly, oh dear blogstress and knitting goddess.....I WAS interested in the birth of your Malabrigo Mama, and consider it payment for the times I have (and will in the future) bring you the shambles of my knitting projects with tears in my eyes and beg you to "fix it", and then get to relax on your couch while you do just that!

Hey, I was stuck by the colors on the sweater and the snippit of NM sky that appeared on my screen together.....check it out. Very kewl similarity!

Oh wow - I have been so excited to see what your amazing yarn will look like knitted up - the colors are so wonderful. It was worth taking several skeins into the bathroom at Sunflower to see them under the proper light and against your skin. I love it.
That yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the end result.
Your knitting is stunning, and your photo makes me miss my home state of NM. Okay, I'll stop commenting now and keep reading your previous posts... :)
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