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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Giving Thanks for Fiber

We had a bit of a flu on Thanksgiving. I will share no unpleasant details, but the saddest part was that my delicious Thanksgiving meal sat, untouched on my plate and I almost laid my head down in it to rest. It was still lovely to be at my Granny's house and to sip Matzo Ball soup (a much-loved tradition), and to see the teens who look far older than their years. (I was never that sophisticated).
Even with the illness, we were able to enjoy the weekend. We walked to the Twinkle Light Parade and saw all sorts of parade shenanigans. I love parades. Cheerleaders, beauty queens, clowns, lowriders, shriners and Santa with elves. My kiddo sat with his pals on the curb, wearing mittens, sipping hot cocoa and looking dazzled. It was great.

Now, suddenly the holidays are here.

Oh, the mind is a flurry of gift fantasies. Every year, the holidays get more fun with these amazing kiddos. I thought it was magic when I was a kid, but being a parent at Christmastime is hands-down more fun. It will break my heart when they become jaded about it.

Naturally, I would like to make about 50% of their gifts myself and naturally, I have not even begun.

My first wish is to make an advent calendar out of all the scrap fabric and thrifted wool felt I have in my basement. I was thinking of something fairly conventional, turned funky and fabulous with terrific fabric, but then I came across this and, for God sakes, THIS. Oh, the inspiration is almost too much. After finding these divine examples, my advent wish became an advent imperative. I have 4 days. oh boy.

I have put my sweater down yet again for a very fun little project I'm making from this beautiful yarn from Scout.

It will be a fetching and funky little hair scarf in a few days, at which point I'll show it off to you all, then it goes on a trip to TV-land with miss Scout. You can read all about her adventure on her blog.

Thank you my dear for the lovely hank and for the pattern tip! It's been fun to knit and it looks terrific. I'm planning to give it to someone very special for Christmas.

Despite our illness and holiday mayhem , we managed to finally get fancy magnetic child locks installed on the kitchen cabinets this weekend.

Amazing how happy this makes me.

It's a battle each day keeping that crazy toddler out of the plastic bags and dishwasher soap. Here, a picture of him, blissfully unaware that this would be his last opportunity to sit in the cabinet, squeezing soap on his shoes and the floor.

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I LOVE the world wide web. I can sit in a hot and humid hotel lobby in Hanoi and feel like I am just down the block from my good friend Molly typing away on my very own computer! It is a bizarre expereince to be reading of Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas, as it is (did I mention) very hot and humid in Hanoi....despite the fact that the locals think it is "winter" and are amazingly dressed accordingly! There are Christmas trees being put up and Christmas carol muzak playing everywhere, yet it feels like I should be putting the kids in their suits to head to the Rio Grande Pool!

Anyway, love the blog as always. So nice to have a chance to catch up, and I LOVE the Malabrigo Mama sleeve. I recognize those DPNs! Oh, knitting..... (homer simpson type drool running from the side of hermouth!)
Oh no about being sick!!! I'm glad you are feeling better. Will you be there tomorrow night? I have some SOAK samples I get to give out.. And thank you again for helping be one of my knitsters.. :)
Sorry about the sickness, I can relate to people being sick on Thanksgiving. One year, probably when I was 15 or so, it was just my parents, my brothers and I for Thanksgiving. My Dad was really sick, and I don't remember why, but for some reason dinner got started late. Well my poor Mom was cooking until 11 PM, because the Turkey just wouldn't cook! Everytime my Dad walked into the kitchen, he'd run to the bathroom to puke. When we finally sat down, it was almost midnight, and my Dad took one bite and puked. Then my little brother said, "I'm not hungry, can I go to bed?" My Mom just burst into tears! So I'm glad that you were still able to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving despite the sickness :)
Sorry to hear you were sick, hope you're feeling better. Love those 2 advent ideas, I might just have to make one too for my kids. My youngest was able to open every child proof lock I bought, she even handed her pediatrician the child proof outlet cover that she removed in their office.
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Sorry about your sickness but your the winner of my 1st yr blog prize. Hope that helps you feel better!
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