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Monday, January 15, 2007
Great news: the baby sleeps!

We are exhilarated (and a little surprised) to find that the baby can sleep for several hours without interruption. One might expect that with all these newfound nighttime hours, I would be getting to bed at a reasonable hour to enjoy long stretches of blissful sleep. Instead, last night I stayed up knitting until past 1am. It was so enjoyable and I was so surprised at not hearing a peep from the other room, that I just kept on knitting feverishly until my eyes were crossing and I was drooling from delirium.

The best part: following that, I curled up and enjoyed 5 straight hours of sleep. That may sound lame to someone who is accustomed to 8 or 9 hours of sleep, but for me it was delicious.

Part of my frenzied knitting was owed to my excitement over this:

The Sahara Sweater by Wendy Bernard. Ignore, if you can, the extremely thin model and imagine it on someone a little curvier. Nice huh?

I spent last week repeatedly trying on my Malabrigo Mama and feeling big doubts. It was just looking like a shapeless tube and it drew a visual line right through the middle of my bust. Not a good look for me. After a little agonizing, i decided that it would never be flattering and it would break my heart to use such luscious yarn for something I would never want to wear. So I happily ripped out all my progress and felt no regret.

The Sahara sweater is designed for a beautiful drapey silk yarn. I am using Malabrigo knit on US 6 needles (to get gauge), so my Sahara will be dense and not at all drapey. I know it's not what Wendy Bernard had in mind for her sexy, swingy Sahara, but I'm taking a chance and I think it will be perfect *fingers crossed, breath shallow*.

This picture was taken yesterday before my thrilling 5 hour knitting marathon. It now almost reaches my belly button.

I love that it is knit from the neck down and in one piece! I've tried it on many times as I make progress which is giving me big thrills.
Right now I'm asking myself why anyone would ever knit a sweater any other way.

After waiting almost three months for my LYS to get me more yarn for the infamous dad scarf, I finally gave up and decided to order it online. Two skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, color chocolate, were delivered this weekend. I'm happy to see it, especially since this is the coldest winter on record, the scarf is a birthday present and dad's birthday was May 7.

I'm filled with shame.

Yesterday, I finished a nifty little knitting project bag for my KMKS pal.

I was so deliriously happy to be sewing again, I almost didn't mind that my glorious new Bernina is mysteriously not working. I struggled with it for awhile but finally gave up and dusted off my old Montgomery Ward sewing machine. I've had the Montgomery Ward since I was eleven and it has many annoying quirks. I was reminded what a fine machine my new one is (thanks dad!)

I had fun, nonetheless, and I remembered how very much I love sewing.

My KMKS package was so much fun to compile, especially since my pal lives overseas and covets American chocolate and yarn.

It ships out tomorrow and I will post pictures of the whole pile as soon as it's well on it's way.

This just in:
Exuberant congratulations to my dear friends Marcie, Dave and Jasper who welcomed baby Julian into the world yesterday morning (January 14th). I know they are way too occupied by more important things to ever read this, but I send the message with love anyway!

I will surprise them with a BSJ soon. (If you are Marcie, Dave or Jasper don't click that link).


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I know what you mean about sleep, just to get 5 uninterrupted hours is a miracle. I love the Sahara sweater, I've been looking for a reward for the runagogo, and this might be it.
I love that pattern! I can't wait to see how it turns out.
i just finished the sahara sweater, and i'm just in love with it. if you want to see pic of it on a curvy, shorty gal, stop by my blog. your yarn looks beautiful, btw.
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