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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Life every 5 years

Ramona tagged me to do a "five year meme". Descriptive memories of your life in five year jumps working back from 2007. So every year that ends with a 2 and 7.

1972 - I was two. We lived in San Fransisco near golden gate park. I remember being terrified of a big stuffed beaver that loomed over my bed at night. I remember taking the bus with my mom and the bakery on the corner was warm and lovely. They fussed over me. Our backyard was big and green and I found a little bunny there once (or did I dream that?).

1977 - seven years old. Silent sustained reading in second grade was just an opportunity to hide behind my book and whisper with my friend Pamela. I spent my summer at La Casa Country Dayschool. We played make-believe princess all summer. There were two old ponies there named Cinderella and Snow White. My room was always a mess. Pamela had baby chicks and I held and snuggled one for the whole afternoon. It died from being held too much. I thought that if I just wished hard enough it would come back. I was an adult before I could forgive myself enough to tell that story.

1982 - Twelve years old. I felt lost. My best friend of 4 years suddenly found a new friend and stopped speaking to me. My dad found a girlfriend who I loved but simultaneously resented. I didn't know where I fit anymore. My school was tough. I spent most of my time with my cousin Crystal who was one year older and outrageous. She dressed in fishnet stockings and ripped-up shirts that exposed too much of her very curvy 13 year-old body. She cussed and got me drunk. But she loved me and she was fiercely loyal. She treated me like a sister.

1987- Seventeen. Like Ramona, my first car was a VW bug. I earned the money to buy it myself and my dad painted it candy-apple red, including the wheels. Also like Ramona, I was not a good driver. I wrecked that car 3 times. I fell in love for the first time with a boy who was pathologically shy and made my whole body tingle. I crept out of the house late at night with my best friend and went to parties featuring hot tubs and beer. The same friend and I stayed up all night on a regular basis talking and drinking pots of coffee at the Village Inn. We watched the Godfather movies dozens of times that year.
I was loving life.

1992 - Twenty-two. I was still working on my bachelor's degree (VERY slowly) and waiting tables at a 50's-theme diner. My name tag read "twinkles'. I had a long off-and-on relationship with a wonderful guy who was definately not my match but who I could not seem to stop dating. We played a lot of poker together and we drank a lot of beer and we camped all summer long. I knew that I needed an adventure. I began to fantasize about a sophisticated life in a much bigger city.

1997 - twenty seven. The year I found my first grey hair. I had been living in Seattle for 3 years. This was the year that I moved in with my now husband. Our apartment was tiny. He made me laugh everyday. This was the year that I FINALLY graduated with 2 degrees and a minor (that's what happens when you go to school for 8 years). We lived on Queen Anne Hill and we walked to coffee shops every chance we got. I spent a good deal of time at a divine fabric store down the street.

2002 - thirty two. The year my first baby was born. We lived in an apartment with a huge magnolia tree outside. When it bloomed our whole living room glowed with warm pink light. My darling boy was born at home. Every day was a honeymoon and a glorious gift. I watched him stare at the world with giant brown eyes and I couldn't believe life could be this good.

2007 - thirty six. The boys play now. They yell and scream and pull everything out and leave it in my path. I think they are stunning and beautiful. I had a date with my husband last night and he was extraordinarily insightful, as usual. He sees me clearly. He loves my flaws. He makes me laugh and when I do my heart is full. He's very cute too.

Thanks Ramona!

Now I tag whoever feels moved to remember their lives in this way. I'd love to read more of these.


I also spent a lot of time at the Village Inn drinking coffee ( the one on Central).
I've enjoyed reading these too. Yours was lovely.
What a great thing! I loved reading your descriptions of what was most important in life. You are such an inpsiring woman and I look forward to reading your words.
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