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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The left sleeve of my Sahara sweater is finished. You may have noticed that progress is slow.

I keep thinking that spring is here, which is silly since it's only the first day of March. I'm really ready for the sunshine and the heat and I miss my backyard. I even got a pedicure in the spirit of
willing the weather to warm up. It's not working. The very cold wind this week has quickened my knitting pace and gives me hope that I might actually wear my pretty blue sweater soon.

The right sleeve is coming along quickly. I've knit both sleeves with two circular needles instead of DPs. My first time trying this method and why didn't I do it years ago?? If you haven't had this experience, you really must. I found a nice tutorial here, but hardly necessary since it's a breeze. Far less cumbersome than dp needles, and with my healthy collection of needles, I could probably pull it off with any project.

I've been fantasizing about my sewing machine ever since it went to the shop for repairs. I want the instant gratification.

A few things I dream of making as soon as it comes home:
Also, I've had a request for a Spiderman necktie, but I'm dragging my feet on that one.

Another thing I'd LOVE to make is a king-sized quilt for our bed... (hysterical laughter)...maybe someday.

My mom bought my big boy and I matching buffalo socks.
This is the kind of treasure you can find when you live in the old west. Imagine the kiddo's excitement! He has insisted that we wear them everyday this week. It was his idea that I put this picture on the blog. He wants everyone to see them.

A bonus: the socks celebrate some of the Project Spectrum colors.
Also, here is a sweet spot in my house.
blue and white.

More soon.

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Give me one of everything from the Garnet Hill catalog. Those sock are very funny1
I love the socks! I also can not WAIT for this damn weather to improve. BLech.
I love how your sweater is coming along! The socks are great too. I've been getting in the sewing mood alot lately too. Gotta love instant gratification!

Miss you guys!

The sweater is coming along, I love the matching socks. I am so sick of the cold too, where is Spring
Hey, you never need a reason for a pedicure. But if you have to wear socks, those are the ones. Too funny!
Thanks for the comment about Sahara. Yours is looking awesome! I really like that color. I have some olive Malabrigo that is waiting to become Wicked (Zephygirls latest pattern). Cant wait to see the FO!
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