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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pattern: Sahara by Wendy Bernard
Size: Large (bust 41")
Source: Stitch Diva Studios
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino, Oceanos (main color) Azul Profundo (trim)
Needles: US 6 birch circulars & metal circulars, US 5 for all trim
Knitting Time:2 months
Modifications: I shortened it by maybe 3 inches. I skipped the shirt-tail hem shaping. I used a vastly different yarn than recommended. My sweater is not drapey or slinky. It's thick, cushiony and mind-blowingly soft. I also lengthened the sleeves a bit, as the pattern designed them short to allow for the 'growing' factor of silk.

What a pleasure this was. I have never enjoyed knitting a sweater more and my experience was due in large part to the fact that I knew it would fit when I was done. There was none of the desperate praying that so often accompanies sweater knitting. Oh god, please don't let me waste $90 (or more) and 3 months of my precious time (or much longer) and invest tremendous hope in this only to have it look like hell. pleeeeease!

I tried it on at all the crucial times and was reassured that it would be fabulous. The only part that gave me some concern was the gaping hole in the middle. I was a bit unconvinced that my ample bosom would be sufficiently restrained. Some of that concern was well-founded. As it turns out, the boobies are really a focal point when I wear my Sahara. Check this out. The camisole helps keep it decent but detracts from the lovely feeling of Malabrigo right next to my skin and that hardly seems fair.

I decided to wear it sans cami to the home of some good friends for dinner the other night and they were good enough not to stare, unblinking (they did, however, rave about the sweater itself).
I thank them for their kindness and discretion.

My husband is in full support (no pun intended) of my cleavage and never discourages an appearance so it's impossible to get reasonable advice from him regarding the acceptable degree of exposure my sweater allows.

I've decided to wear it both ways. Most people will see me in the camisole version, but if I'm feeling a little sassy, or I'm having a party in my backyard with my closest friends, off comes the underlayer and HELLO!

More photos because I'm just so pleased with myself.

There you have it!

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Oh Molly, you rock! Missed you at SnB tonite (I haven't been in a while and I needed my knit-sister fix). This is the sweater for you and I say, off with the camisole! It's beautiful and I want to make one for myself. I remember your first sketch at SnB and now here it is--so fabulous! PS, I'm the other SAHM w/two boys too! Never enough time to knit and sew....alas, it is what it is.Cheryl
Molly--what a gorgeous sweater! You look fabu in it!
Wow, Sahara looks wonderful. Congrats! Don't stress about the cleavage factor - I say be proud of what you've got. But I think it looks great with the cami too. Enjoy wearing it!
It is gorgeous, Don't worry about the cleavage, I say show it .
It's fabulous!!
It's awesome! I think there is a Flickr group for this sweater. You should definitely post yours!
It looks soooooo great! I love Malabrigo - so luscious!

Is this the same yarn you started the Poppy sweater with?
As so many others have said, it you have the boobies, show them off! I wish that I was not out of town so I could touch this lovely sweater in person. It looks stunning on you, as you knew it would! The lace section looks really nice in the contrasting yarn. You have a right to feel very very proud! Luckily ABQ is to be getting s slight "cool" snap this week so you can get some daily use out of this!!
how cAN THAT SIZE BE DESCRIBED AS LARGE? yOU LOOK LOVELY IN IT! ooops sorry about the aps...I'm not shouting honest!
Yay! Congrats on finishing your sweater Miss M! You look great in it. What a beautiful sweater. I say,rock the cleaveage you hot mama!
We made it to the blogosphere! Thanks for the shout out! Did I just type shout out? Yikes!

You look so lovely in your sweater!

Molly, that is one kick butt sweater! You look great, and the yarn is absolutely awesome. Congrats on a great knit!
Holy cow, it looks fantastic! Well done!
Molly, your Sahara is gorgeous!! I love the color and it looks so soft! Most importantly, it fits you so well! I was wondering 1) did you get gauge in knitting the size L and 2) what size do you shirt/bra do you normally wear? I'm struggling to decide which size to make. Great work!
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