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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Talented Friends, a Summer Top and Mother's Day Tea

During my printmaking days at the University of Washington, I had a friend, whom I shall refer to as Miss J, who made me laugh out loud every day.

Miss J was known throughout the department for her drawings of odd characters (see above) that hinted strongly at a very rich--and slightly disturbing--inner landscape. These characters didn't always stay on paper. On one memorable occasion, I arrived at the studio to find an elderly gentleman ranting at the other printmakers in a thick German accent. It was, of course, Miss J in full costume, including wig, cane, and osteoporosic posture. Miss J had a full array of material--improvised and rehearsed--that kept the rest of us peeing our pants with hysteria as we worked into the night on project deadlines.

Miss J is a wonderful friend and you really should go NOW and see her brand new blog:
The Flying Pencil. There you will find a sampling of her amazing drawings. Those of you who may be less interested in drawing should know that she also knits, sews, and bakes chocolate banana bread like a pro.

Surplice Lace Top by Nashua Handknits

I showed this picture to my friend Heather and we immediately agreed that this sweater would look stunning on both of us. This is remarkable since there is a 7 inch difference in our heights and we look nothing alike. And yet, it's true.

Our friend Chris is also charmed by this lovely pattern and the three of us are gathering our collective enthusiasm and planning a little KAL. This will be my first KAL and I'm quite excited. I'm really in no position to begin something new for myself, what with the 5 or 6 other projects I have on needles, but... why the hell not?

Wouldn't it be nifty if other folks reading this right now feel as charmed by the Surplice Lace Top as we are and collectively we mobilize a real live, online KAL?

This little pattern is no
Simple Knitted Bodice (the Titanic of all KALs), so I don't expect that THE WHOLE WORLD will want to knit it with us. If, however, you feel moved to knit it too, drop me a comment! I really love comments from people I've never met.

Tomorrow I'm off to Mother's Day tea at the big boy's school and I can hardly wait. Rumor has it that the children will greet us at the door, show us to our seats, pull our chairs out and serve us tea and goodies. He plans to wear his tie and has requested that I wear my butterfly skirt and purple shoes.

Happy Mother's Day

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So a few weeks ago I very impulsively bought this same pattern with the suggested yarn from "The Knitting". When it got to the house I realized I had no business spending that much money on a sweater right now and packed it all up and sent it back. So I guess I'll just have to knit it vacariously through your new KAL.
Oooh, I am so excited about the Surplice Lace Top KAL. I have finished my first little swatch of the lace pattern, should be fun and not too challenging. Ramona, there is still time to get in on it...i have been swatching with the new Cotlin (cotton/linen) from Knitpicks and the Elann Callista...both could be affordable options! Molly, have a grand time at the tea. I can't imagine that any of my brood has paid enough attention to my wardrobe to request any sort of favorite! You lucky girl!
I'd like to join in this KAL...where do I find the pattern...I've looked online but can find this version. Is it an interweave pattern?
Am I too late to join in?
Here's hoping Marianne :^)
Have fun at your Mothers Tea. I love that sweater, I might have to join too.
I think the KAL sounds great -- I've never done one either. (I'm one of those unknown commenters that you claimed to enjoy!) Have you started it yet? I'll need to find the pattern and the yarn. Like your little friend's calorimetry, mine is simple but my favorite part is the dinosaur button I attached!!
I get so involved in all the other things I like to do that I'd forgotten about this Kal...I am still wanting to do it but life has just got crazy!!

I'm about ready to start this sweater, and thought I'd see if there was a KAL going. Please count me in.

I'll be knitting it in SWTC Oasis (100% soysilk) in Rose. I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $$ on the Ecologie cotton.

Look forward to getting started!

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