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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Hello Camera!

Thanks to sweet birthday pampering from my husband and my dear dad, I am no longer without a camera. My new camera is the prettiest and best camera I've ever owned and it does all sorts of mysterious things I'm not even beginning to understand yet.

I had an exceptional birthday all around. My husband prepared a giant falafel feast, and a big batch of carrot, orange and ginger soup. Then he set the table with pretty dishes and wine, invited some of my very favorite girlfriends over, packed up the kiddos and....he left!

Seriously. He left and he was gone for hours.

It was so civilized and wonderful to sit around the table with my beautiful friends, laugh, drink wine and all the while there were no jarring interruptions from our (adorable, but) crazy little offspring.

I got more sweet handmade gifts this year than ever before.

The lavender
soft drawstring pouch was made for me by my dear friend Alison. It's knit with Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and it has a gorgeous bar of French soap inside. Divine!

Marcie (who I miss so much), surprised me with this beautifully crocheted scarf with fluffy white edging. It reminds me so much of her. And THEN, as if I deserved more, lovely Heather made me the prettiest
Fetching gloves in my favorite cranberry red. So much sweetness. Thank you. Thank you.

Also, my wonderful in laws got me
this book as a gift. I'm dying to make the the crepe paper crown for every adult and child I know.

All these gifts have put me in the mood to make some gifts of my own.

When this bear is finished she will be about 4 inches high and she will hang from the Christmas tree of a very good 4 year-old friend of mine. I've already named her, but I won't give it away now. The pattern comes from my new favorite book, The Knitted Teddy Bear. Cuteness beyond description. I have other great handmade gifts planned for the holidays, but I can't reveal them here and now.

I've been knitting the Racing Stripe, Lightning-Bolt sweaters madly and they are nearly finished. Just one sleeve left, and get this: I've run out of yarn! I'm avoiding the inevitable: $2 ball of yarn + $6 shipping.

While I stew over the yarn shortage, I'm working on the perfect designs for lightning bolts and sleeve stripes. My big boy has many opinions on this subject, so I've begun pulling the sweaters out only after bedtime to avoid lengthy debates about precisely where and how the lightning bolts should be placed.

During my long absence from the blog, I got my much anticipated Ravelry invitation and I've been having so much fun browsing around and adding dozens of projects to my queue. If you're on Ravelry, you can find me under the name mollykazoo.

I'm so glad to be back.

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Such nice gifts. I can't believe you ran out of yarn! You can't add another stripe of a different color?
So glad you had such a marvelous birthday, and congrats on the new camera! I know you'll have fun with it! Love the racing stripe sweater!

much love
miss J
I'm more than a little jealous of all the knitting you have been gifted, lucky girl!!!
Happy Birthday.
Hello Miss Molly! I visit you often on your blog and love to find out about you all. Miss you and think of you often. Happy belated. (I have that book even though my knitting is just starting out, it's what I strive to do) xoxo Rae (Dave says Hi)
Happy belated birthday! The new camera looks awesome!!! So do your new handmade gifts.

I can't wait to see the finished sweaters too.

Oh! And I just friended you on ravelry... it's such a time suck! but I love it!
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