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Thursday, January 24, 2008
cozy neck = fun in a cold city all. by. my. self.

Way back after the Christmas crazies, while I was still sitting in a sea of crumpled wrapping paper, and while the snow fell outside, I began knitting a little something for myself.

pattern: Cherry Garcia Neck Warmer
source: Adrian Bazilia of Hello Yarn
yarn: Mirasol Yarn Sulka colorway 206 and Tahki Bunny in a yellow/green
needles: US 10.5

The sulka yarn is luxurious and soft. My budget allowed for only one skein, and so the Bunny stripe was necessary to make it complete. It's big for my little neck and it hangs sort of (unappealingly) like a cowl, but it's warm and cozy so it shall remain just as is.

I'm happy to say that I will be having an excuse to wear said neck warmer in the very near future in a place much colder than here. My dad heads every year to the fabulous Philidelphia Buyers Market of American Craft and every year he comes back saying how much he thinks I would love it. This year he invited me to join him.

oh golly.

The show itself is sure to be gorgeous and inspiring. I picture myself floating from booth to booth cooing and giggling.
On top of that, I'll find myself alone in a new city and free to explore in a way which is very unlike my typical life.

If lurkers from Philadelphia find themselves reading this, I would be so thrilled (and grateful) to hear from you about good, good things in your fine town. Please tell me which neighborhoods a crafty girl would enjoy most. Tell me about: delightful yarn shops, terrific restaurants (sushi, Vietnamese, Italian...), charming coffee shops to sit in leisurely, and good places to buy treasures for my kiddos.

Thank you, thank you in advance for anything you can share.

Cold weather travel planning and our very own high desert cold weather, has me wishing for a new hat. The best hat I've ever knit for myself got accidentally felted years ago. I went searching for something quick on Ravelry and I found An Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot.

The big boy lingered near me the whole time I knitted it and showed visible disappointment when I told him it was not for him.

"Hmmm, do you think you'll have any extra yarn leftover?" and then: "No? Well, I really like that color. Red is my favorite." and then a sigh.

Boy did he luck out when I finished it and realized it was too small.

pattern: An Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
source: The Yarn Harlot
yarn: Yarn Botanika, colorway: red chilies - handspun, hand-dyed
needles: size 10.5 ( I should have used 11)

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Oh you lucky,lucky girl!
ummmmm yummy soft, so nice against naked neck skin.....The Big Boy looks so pleased with his new hat.....I, for one, hope that he has very little "High desert cold winter" weather in which to wear it.....
Oh - how cool that you get to go to Philly! I was just up there a few weeks ago!
There's a cute neighborhood called Fabric Row with lots of quaint little shops, cafes, and of course fabric stores around 4th and South street in South Philly. There's also a yarn store there called Sophie's Yarns. Jim's Steaks is a great place to grab a quick bite before heading over to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Chestnut Hill is another awesome neighborhood - again - two yarn shops and lots of cute shops and cafes.

Have fun!!
What!? "Fabric Row"? OK, I'm moving there right now.
Molly, I am always so inspired (and generally humbled) to read your creative entries. How you have time for all that craftiness I will never know!
hi there! yay for philly. you're on my "you make my day" list -- silly button, genuine sentiment. so nice to have "real-life" knitting friends.
Hi - browsing a google search for Philadelphia Buyers market - found your blog - love the hat! and the color! I used to crochet, then designed and executed embroidery and then needlepoint. These days I do clay (okay - big hop, but you know how creativity goes). I'm going to be in booth 4322 - stop by and introduce yourself and if you find great places to visit (that stay open past 4 pm when I'll be getting out of the booth) - give me a holler. I'd love to know more about Philly too!
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